Michael Bublé: I’ll swing while I’m winning – just don’t call me Sinatra

Michael Bublé was happy to dispense a few pearls of hard- earned wisdom when he played the visiting mentor on The X Factor last week. The Canadian singer has become a worldwide sensation thanks to his skill at imposing his own swaggering personality on jazz and big band standards. And, while he paid his dues in rundown juke joints and hotel bars, the 34-year-old from Vancouver in British Columbia was also once a wide- eyed talent show hopeful himself. At 17, he beat all-comers to win the Canadian Youth Talent Search – but then had to languish in obscurity for ten years before landing his first record deal. More than most, he knows that winning a talent contest doesn’t automatically lead directly to the big time, and he wasted little time in urging all of this year’s X Factor wannabes to keep their feet firmly on the ground. ‘There are no guarantees with a show like The X Factor,’ he tells me. ‘Even if you win, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the most talented singer. It just means you’re the best on a particular day. ‘You could win and find your career in tatters four months later. You might also get eliminated, but still end up with a decent career. Chris Daughtry finished fourth in American Idol three years ago, but his first album sold a million and he’s still doing well now. Leona Lewis has shown she has staying power, too.’ Chatting shortly before singing live on last Sunday’s X Factor results show, Bublé says one of this year’s finalists, 18-year-old Rachel Adedeji, already has the makings of a major star. He also predicts a bright future – although not necessarily in the pop charts – for identical twins John and Edward Grimes, the be-quiffed Dublin duo who have divided the nation with their out-of-tune singing and ungainly dance routines. ‘Rachel wowed me and we had a wonderful chat,’ says Michael. ‘She’s young and beautiful, and she has an extraordinary voice.

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~ by musicdanceandguns on October 30, 2009.

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